Check out Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band: Live in Cleveland!

It was a beautiful week night in mid-September and the faithful gathered to squeeze one last drop of summer out of the year before the leaves turned and fell and the snowflakes would cover the landscape in a sea of whiteness. After making a personnel change in the spring, Carlos decided to pare down the song list and focus on nailing down a smaller, core group of material that the band could nail down for their busy summer. So by the end of the summer, the band was smoking hot. After trying a couple of times to capture a live set earlier in the year, we weren’t happy with what we were hearing, so we pretty much scrapped that idea and started to look forward to working on the next studio release. Little did we know that Jeff Reding from Vidmag Media would show up unannounced with good intentions to video this performance. He posted the video that he captured in two 45 minute installments on Facebook, and when I had a chance to digest what he had captured, I called Carlos and told him that I think we might have something here! While we realize this isn’t what you would call a “hi-fidelity” recording – it was captured on an I-Phone by the way – it’s still a pretty darn good representation of what Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band is all about: the energy, the presentation, and the good vibes that the band brings all year ‘round. So realize that there may be a few imperfections in the recording, but enjoy this on those nights that you can’t get out to hear these guys in person.

Larry Koval

Personal Manager for Carlos Jones

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