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March 24, 2017

Cleveland, Ohio – Little Fish Records announced today that Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band (aka

Peace, Love, and Unity Syndicate) will be performing at The Woodlands Tavern (1200 W. 3rd Ave.,

Columbus, OH 43212; 614-299-4987) with Columbus-based reggae powerhouse – The Ark Band on Friday,

April 21 at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 day of show. This show is for all ages.


Long considered one of the pioneers of the “American Reggae” movement starting with I-Tal/USA (1978-1984) and then with the legendary First Light (1984-1998), Carlos Jones keeps on doing what he does best – singing, writing, and performing his unique style of roots reggae, or as some have called it – “Island Soul”. His band – the Peace, Love, Unity Syndicate (aka “PLUS Band”) provides a solid backdrop for Jones’ warm, heartfelt vocals. The peace-love-unity theme pervades his music, which can be very spiritually uplifting and inspirational: almost gospel-like in nature. However, he can get a party started at the count of 4 with his tight reggae and calypso beats. After three studio releases (Roots With Culture/2004; Leave A Trail/2009; and Positive Vibrations/2011), Jones finally put out his first live recording (Live From Cleveland/2016), captured at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square outdoor performance from September 2016. Though recorded on a cell phone, it is a surprisingly good quality recording and really captures the essence of the group’s live show, as it builds from song to song and the audience realizes that they’ve been pulled in to this “positive vibration”. While Jones used to perform regularly in Columbus with both I-Tal and First Light, this will be the PLUS Band’s first trip back in a couple of years. For more information on Carlos Jones, go to

Sometimes taken for granted in their home market of Columbus, The Ark Band is another Ohi treasure when it comes to the roots reggae genre. They have played in 48 out of the 50 states and have received RAVE reviews everywhere they’ve played – from Austin, TX to the Vermont Reggae Festival. With four CD releases on Little Fish Records, they have a trove of great original music and yet they can also do a whole night of Bob Marley covers if they want to. The nucleus of the group consists of “the St. Lucian rhythm twins” – brothers Terry and Eustace Bobb, who were born in St. Lucia but migrated to Columbus back in the early ‘80’s. With the addition of guitarist/singer/songwriter Mark Hunter a few years back, the group’s current lineup was solidified and their most recent CD release – Fire Dub, served to showcase the band’s musical and lyrical versatility. What is amazing is that both The Ark Band and Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band have been praised for being among the best live reggae bands in the country by people like Chuck Foster (Beat Magazine) and Dermot Hussey (Sirius/XM radio). This will be a great opportunity for Columbus reggae fans to catch both groups on one stage and see the best that Ohio has to offer.

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