LITTLE FISH RECORDS (LFR) is a Cleveland-based record label committed to presenting the finest local and regional music within a wide variety of musical genres, including Reggae, World, Rock, Americana, Blues, Folk, R&B, and Jazz. A division of Cross Track Music, Inc., it has been a staple of the Cleveland music scene for over 20 years and is positioned to grow for years to come. Little Fish Records is a full-service provider of artist services including management, promotions, distribution, bookings, publishing, and foreign licensing.


Little Fish Records Team


Lawrence Koval (Owner, President, Artist Management)

Larry Koval brings a broad array of knowledge and experience with him by virtue of his lifelong involvement with music and the music business. He started playing drums at the age of five with his father’s wedding band. As he grew up, he studied piano, accordion, and music theory for 9 years, playing in various bands through high school and college.

After college, Larry performed professionally in one of the top local Cleveland bands of the time, COCO (1974-79). He then arranged the vocals on a song that hit # 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts (1981) – a remake of “Standing in the Shadows of Love” by the group, Fever.

He ventured to San Francisco in 1992 to work with former band member Dennis Wadlington and studio producer Joel Jaffe. On the way back he decided to form Cross Track Music, Inc. as a music publishing company to help songwriters market their material to the industry. The company eventually expanded to include Artist Management and the formation of a record label subsidiary, Little Fish Records (1994).


Jennifer Coiley (Media & Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Design)

Jennifer is a communications and creative professional at Little Fish Records. She joined the Cleveland label in 2013, after more than 20 years working for local government, mostly as a computer network administrator and graphics production manager. Jennifer handled the design and production of nearly 50 issues of a bimonthly magazine; was the city’s website administrator; wrote articles and communications; and produced a wide variety of marketing materials, including billboards. Jennifer recently co-wrote and produced I-Tal founder David Smeltz’s intriguing memoir, Clean: From Reggae to Recovery, and serves on the board of Smeltz’s nonprofit organization. She holds a BA in Business/Information Technology from Ursuline College.


Laura Dietrich (Business Development Coordinator)

Laura has been part of the Cleveland music scene for more than 20 years. In 1990, she started managing a reggae group and was in charge of collateral marketing, booking, and promotion. Since then, she has been intricately involved in many other high profile Cleveland groups, promoting events, and furthering the support local music cause. She serves on the board of Clean House Inc, a non-profit organization founded by Cleveland Reggae pioneer David Smeltz. She is a fine artist and author of A is for Africah, a children’s book.


Chris Murray (Intern)


Chris Murray is a music loving intern hoping to get his hands on every corner of Little Fish Records. He is pursuing a Music Technology degree at Capital University as well as a minor in Business Management. Raised on his parents’ Santana, KISS, and Jay Z records, he brings his wide music tastes and passion for quality content to Little Fish Records.


Kali Gibbons (Artist, LIVE Music Painter)


Kali is a local artist. Growing up in Cleveland, her art has always been inspired by her surroundings, from the metro-parks to Lake Erie. She appreciates bold and bright colors, which you can see in almost all of her work. A lover of reggae, Kali uses music to inspire her while painting in her studio and during live performances with the band.


Neil Turrell (Merchandise Sales)


Stop by and say hello to Neil at our Merch Table during any Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band show!  He’ll show you our amazing selection of t-shirts, cd’s, bumper stickers, coffee and more!