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Falling Into Fire began as little more than a side project in 2008 for siblings Catherine and Cary Crichlow as a creative outlet the two could share together. They quickly began to get excited about the potential of the songs they were writing and were soon working to bring other musicians into the mix. They auditioned several singers but eventually settled on the versatile MJ Siegel who was able to capture the sonic nuances and emotional content of the music. Shortly after being brought on board he was contributing his own ideas and helping to write new music. A close friend of all 3, Ed Reif began jamming out with the as yet unnamed group and impressed them with his chops and creative input. Within a month of playing with the motley band he became an integral part of the over all sound and eventually made his role of guitar player official. Next to join the group was Catherine and Cary's brother Robby Crichlow. His signature bass licks embraced elements of funk and soul, which were to that point less prevalent and added a new dimension to the groups' sound. Rounding out the effort was Jake Hoffman who's classical and technical background emerged to put the final sheen on the project.
How did Falling Into Fire get their name? There are several theories:
1) Falling Into Fire is a biblical reference to of hell on earth and suffering of humanity. This theory can lead people to believe the music has satanic overtones or musings of some eternal torment.
2) Falling Into Fire is an anti war message protesting against the use of weapons of mass destruction and the loss of human lives to serve some politician's agenda. The allusion to Vietnam and the soldiers being dropped into a literal fire with the use of napalm and burning to death, or even Hiroshima and the atomic bomb that destroyed countless lives. This theory lends itself towards a political message and might convey feelings of protest or violence in opposition towards the powers that be.
3) Falling Into Fire is derived from the feelings of trial by fire and the pursuit of excellence through accepting the pain and pushing on to the other side of adversity. You might compare this theory with the old adage of learning to swim by being thrown in the water. This theory might lead to a sense of hope through the trials and tribulations of life and fulfilling ones purpose with a victorious outcome.
4) Falling Into Fire is a tribute to the Great Lakes Brewing Company's Burning River pale ale, based on the Cuyahoga River Catching on fire in the 60's. This theory essentially labels the band a bunch of alcoholics promoting the local brews in Cleveland or perhaps more nostalgic interpretations.

5) Falling Into Fire is derived in the literal sense. As the story goes, someone got really inebriated one night around a fire and lost their balance, thus falling into the fire and burning them self. This theory lends itself towards a sense of humor and not taking life so seriously.
6) Falling Into Fire just "sounded cool". This theory seems to suggest the band is lazy...
7) Falling Into Fire is a reference about September 11th 2001 and the ensuing terror of the United States where falling into fire is a way of stating how much the country has declined and suffered on behalf of terrorism. This is another political theory and suggests a sense of patriotism and working towards change.

Please feel free to email us any of your own theories about what Falling Into Fire means or stories about how the name came about!





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